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For any questions pertaining to this application, please contact: Grants Administrator (

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't know or have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Answer: You can request a password reset by visiting this page.

Question: The dates/times associated with my submitted material seem to be a few hours off. Why is this?
Answer: This happens when we are unaware of your local timezone. Please set your timezone in your account settings page.

Could you share examples of projects that received grant funding?
Sample Grant Funded Projects
Do we need to have the governing board signoff on a resolution prior to submitting the proposal? Could pose a barrier for orgs/agencies whose Board meet infrequently.
If you are unable to obtain a signed resolution from your governing board indicating their approval (to submit the grant application and to move forward with the project if funded), prior to the deadline date of October 13, 2017, you can submit a document indicating your intent to obtain the resolution. Please note that a signed resolution is required prior to executing the agreement to award the grant.
Can an organization apply for more than one grant application?
Can one user ID apply for more than one application?
Each user ID can apply for more than one grant priority, but cannot apply for the same priority more than once.
Example: UserID_88 can apply for a D3 Mini Grant & B7 Cleanup & Education grant. UserID_88 cannot apply twice for the B7 Cleanup & Education grant. A new user ID would need to be registered in order to apply for a second B7 Cleanup & Education grant.   
Do you need CEQA review prior to the contract being awarded or can it be part of the project?
A completed CEQA review is not required prior to grant proposal submission or award (for projects that require such a review). However, proposals that indicate that it is further along in the process of acquiring the necessary permits and reviews (i.e. CEQA), will be scored higher than those that are not as far along. Please refer to Attachment 1 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation Criteria for both B7 & D3 grant guidelines for more information. (B7 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation CriteriaD3 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation Criteria )
Provide examples what can be done for $5k in terms the mini-grants for wildlife restoration.
Since the purpose of the mini-grants is to provide seed funding to encourage broader and long-term community engagement in wildlife habitat restoration or stewardship activities, then the funding can be used to kick start a larger project.  
Examples: educational activities or outreach pieces that promote watershed stewardship and wildlife habitat restoration; developing a community garden to plant native species; or conduct a training or workshop specifically focused on watershed stewardship
Can you provide a District easement map to determine District property?
The question pertaining to District easement on the D3 Access to Trails and Open Space grant application has been revised. Applicants will not be required to know the distance from the nearest District easement to submit their grant application.  
Our project does not include a volunteer component, can we still apply for the B7 Support Volunteer Cleanup Efforts and Education?
The use of volunteers is not required to be eligible to apply for the B7 priority grant, however, the District believes that engaging volunteers in the project is a benefit, therefore, proposals that leverage the use of volunteers will be scored higher. Please refer to Attachment 1 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation Criteria for both B7 & D3 grant guidelines for more information. (B7 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation CriteriaD3 Minimum Requirements & Evaluation Criteria )
For mini-grants, is there a time limit for completion?
Projects funded under the mini grants must be completed within two years following the execution of the agreement.  
Are there any restrictions on labor vs equipment?
There is no labor vs equipment restriction. However, the purchase of construction equipment with grant funds is not permissible. Purchase of non-construction equipment is permissible provided the project requires buying and installing such equipment. 
Example: One of the Pollution Prevention grants awarded in 2014 was to Secure Pharmaceutical Collection Bin Expansion. The project included buying and installing pharmaceutical collection bins throughout Santa Clara County to help reduce the harmful effects of pharmaceuticals entering our local waterways and to promote the safe and secure disposal of expired prescription medications. In this situation, the purchase of the collection bins was permissible.  There is no labor vs equipment restriction.

Is the payment of the mini-grants reimbursement-based?
Mini-grant funds will be dispersed 50% upon executing the final agreement and 50% upon completion of the project.
What is turnaround time for mini-grants? If we submit an application, would the grant be awarded within a month?
Mini-grant applicants will be notified of their funding status within six weeks of submitting the application online.  
Can you apply for mini-grant more than once? If we run out of mini-grant funds, can we apply again for the same project?
The purpose of the mini-grant program is not to cover all expenses for a project, but rather, to provide a seed amount that will kick start stewardship activities. Therefore, applicants cannot apply more than once for a mini-grant for the same project.
Can you apply for mini-grants for the same project in multiple locations?
If a project has various sites, then each site would be eligible for a mini-grant and would have to apply as separate projects. However, if different stages of the same project are being conducted at different locations, it would still be considered the same project, and therefore, would only be eligible for one mini-grant.
Before submitting the application, can we contact you to review the project.
Staff will not review any grant proposals prior to submission. Staff will be available to answer specific questions about the application process, including eligibility requirements, required documents for submission, and clarification on the evaluation criteria.
Does the District have the map of existing trails in the county that you can provide?
The District does not currently have any maps of existing trails readily accessible. It is recommended to contact the Santa Clara County Parks Department or the specific city to acquire trail maps.
What does District fee mean?
District-owned property or easement.
How can we identify the distance our proposed project will be from a creekside trail?
D3 Trails priority grant requires that the project creates a NEW Creekside trail or provides significant linkage to support an existing one. Since the requirements does not identify a set distance from a Creekside trail, applicants are asked to use their best judgment as to how far their project will be from the Creekside and/or a Creekside trail.

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